[AMPS] AL1500

c penna clive@gm3poi.prestel.co.uk
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 21:21:50 -0000

Hi ,
I have a problem with an AL1500 which came on suddenly.
    The grid current indicated is now showing about three times what it used
The meter even indicates 10ma on cw standby ie no drive. My O/P SWR is OK
and also the I/P amp SWR is OK so the fault would appear to be in the
metering circuit. The amp is giving the same O/P for I/P as it has always
given, just the indicated grid current is higher and there does not appear
to be any faulty components in the metering circuit at first sight. Any body
had the same fault?
73 Clive GM3POI

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