[AMPS] Amps reflector Majordomo

Will, K6NDV k6ndv@contesting.com
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 20:00:10 -0800

Just a reminder of a few majordomo anti-spam features:

1. A message will not be posted if sent from a different address from
the one you are subscribed from.

2. Any message that has a majordomo command like UNSUBSCRIBE near the
front of it will bounce.

3. To find out your address on the list, send a message to amps-request
@contesting.com with the word WHO in it.

4. To unsubscribe from an address different from the one you are using,
put that address after the word UNSUBSCRIBE in a message to amps-request

5. Also - if you feel like you would rather have all amps messages in
one package, you can subscribe to the topband-digest list instead and get
all the messages bundled into one mail message daily.

73 Will, K6NDV

(Thanks to Tree, N6TR for messages layout)

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