SV: SV: [AMPS] Re: SB220 problem

Wed, 10 Nov 1999 22:25:31 -0700

>At 09:31 PM 11/10/1999 +0100, sm5ki wrote:
>>Thanks Rich but you must agree two paralellt tiny receiving type switch
>>contacts is not what you want to have when things go rough after your tenth
>>beer in the night or in a contest. Hej daa de Hans.
>My candidate for best single bandswitch mod on the SB-220 is replacing the
>knob with one that is different from the Tune and Load knobs.  The stock
>arrangement looks nice but is an invitation to 3AM disasters.
Why?  You tune each for maz RF out.

>I have flailed mine unmercifully in contests for 3 years, and the only
>failure has been the T/R relay.  

It hotswitches with anything but a tube type radio.

>The cooling works very well, IMO.

cheers,  Pete 

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