[AMPS] Band Switch arcing SB-1000/AL-80

Jim Jim" <jdc@ieway.com
Thu, 25 Nov 1999 09:50:23 -0800

Well...........Looks like the amp is fixed....When I first started, the 2.5
Mh choke that is across the output of the tank (prevents high voltage from
appearing on antenna if the DC blocking caps shorts),  was burned open. I
replaced it with a 220K 2 watt resistor. (A trick I had learned from Rich
Measures).  I installed a 2.4 Mh choke and the arcing stopped completely.

Even removed all of the nicrome wire suppressers.

What would cause the choke to open. ?

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Jim W7RY

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Subject: [AMPS] Band Switch arcing SB-1000/AL-80

>I know there was a thread about this a bit ago........But.......
>The arcing that I am having is in the front wafer of the switch.  This
>just switches the tuning cap padder for 160 meters. The
>cap is 170 Pf.  The open contacts arc when in the 80 meter position.  I am
>not sure if it is a parasitic or not.  I would say not.
>Riches special plate suppresser is installed in the plate lead.  The gap
>that arcs is almost 3/4 inches wide!  Why does the tune cap itself arc ?
>Did Ameritron re-design this portion of the switch ?
>I really do not want to replace an $ 80.00 switch. Let alone the fuss of
>replacing it.
>73 to all and happy Thanksgiving....
>Jim W7RY
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