[AMPS] L4B parasitic reistors

measures 2@vc.net
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 08:58:34 -0700

>Hi All,
>I picked up a very nice L4B the other day that works FB (only used it on 
>40/80m though).  When I took it apart to clean the tubes and dust off the 
>chassis I noticed that two of the three 15ohm 2watt resistors on the each 
>suppressor was completely burned through in half.  Interstingly, one 
>resistor out of the three on each one looks like it never got hot at all.  
>I am going to replace all the resisters but I was wondering why two out of 
>the three resistors are almost vaporized while one is intact.  I dont see 
>any sighs of arcing or overheating anywhere else in the amp - it looks 
>like brand new otherwise.

The only possible way to toast suppressor resistors on 40m/80m is to have 
an intermittent VHF oscillation.  
When R-supp burns out, it is not because the resistors were defective.  

later, Kevin

-  Rich..., 805.386.3734, www.vcnet.com/measures.  

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