[AMPS] Sigma XR3000D HF amp

Lane Zeitler Ku7i@worldnet.att.net
Sat, 22 Apr 2000 05:31:18 -0700

FS: Sigma XR3000D HF amp. Covers 160 to 10 meters. Tuned input. 3600 volts
on the plate at idle. Easily does 1500 out with 100 watts of drive. Weighs
92 pounds. Is about 1 1/2 times the size and weight of an SB-220. Seperate
plate and filament xmfrs. Can be wired for 120 or 240. One meter is
dedicated to plate current and the other can select grid current, plate
voltage, and relative power out. Hs standby/operate switch.

 THE PROBLEM: The original bandswitch has given up the ghost. I do have a
JVC ceramic replacement but it is not identical to the stock unit. It will
in the space of the original but since the tuned input select switch is tied
into the output bandswitch so  will need to work around the tuned input
switching. The replacement bandswitch is included.

 Cosmetics of the front panel are nice and clean. Deck is super clean
No tubes. Needs a pair of 3-500Zs or 3-400Zs.

 The bread: I need $275 for this 92 pound monster. Buyer to pay shipping on
approximately 105 pounds double boxed and packed out UPS and insured.

73s de Lane Ku7i San Diego

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