[AMPS] Re: Copper tube - semi-rigid

Martin Ellis jmellis@ihug.co.nz
Sat, 29 Apr 2000 08:06:32 +1200

> Can anyone please help me find copper tube for a pi-tank 
> coil for a 160 thru 10m 4CX1000A amp?

Try refrigeration repair specialists.

> I plan to feed B+ though the inner core (from the 50 Ohm
> end, to simplify the RFC requirements) using coax or 
> feeding a silicone rubber sleeved wire through tubing

But most multiband amplifiers have a solid wire coil
which is switched in on 40/80/160m. The coaxial feed
would require tubing for all bands, is it worth the effort?

Martin ZL1ANJ

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