[AMPS] contester's 6m Amplifier

w2cqm@juno.com w2cqm@juno.com
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 16:26:29 -0400

SELL: Custom built 750W output 6m linear amplifier utilizing a 3CX800A7.
The amplifier is packaged in a Dentron MLA2500 chassis with only the
original transformer and RF sampling board remaining. The unit is
completely restructured with full metering for plate current, HV/RF
output, and a dedicated grid current meter. Provision is made for
outboard control of the filament voltage and the t-match tuned input. The
choice of a plate coil allows for maximum excursions over large protions
of the band without retuning. All heavy duty components in the voltage
doubler circuit. Solid state 3 minute delay timer with all panel and
indicator lights.  $825+ shipping  

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