[AMPS] 811H's on CB

Jeff Wolf da_kang@hotmail.com
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 15:46:13 GMT

>'m disturbed by the posts from our "friend" in Texas that a lot of
>11H amplifiers are turning up on CB.

Well, design the amplifier so it isn't so easy to modify for 10/11 meter 
operation.  Simple enough fix.  The "green wire" modification was so simple 
that most CBers that wanna run high power can figure it out for themselves.

>'m trying to think of a solution for this problem.

C'mon Tom, it isn't hard.  Take the input transformer out.  Make it a "kit", 
available to amateur radio operators only.  This isn't rocket science..  You 
telling me that you can't figure out how to take 10 meters out of an 
amplifier, and make it a plug in module, but you can design a multiband 

>'m considering suggesting parts be left out, and made available
>rom the factory only with a copy of a valid amateur license.

A La other manufacturers.  This idea works well.  It keeps the amps off the 
11 meter band (God forbid one of the Cbers run a clean amplifier...) and if 
a licensed amateur can't figure out how to solder in a input transformer, or 
a slug tuned coil (or just air wound, for that matter), they have no 
business operating at the hundred watt level, much less 600+.

>In addition perhaps adding a notice in each amplifier that any use
>without proof of a license will void all warranty, and having all tech
>support require proof of a license.

This is going to accomplish nothing.  As well as to the gentlemen that said 
you should look into patents on the "use".  C'mon.  Do you honestly think 
that a CBer is going to not use an amplifier because the licensing of the 
purchase of the amplifier states he can't?

I mean really now.  Lets look at this from a reality standpoint, rather than 
the pipe dreams.  If your honestly going to persue that method, keep the 
green wire in their...  It will be MORE effective.

>Does anyone have any suggestions for a possible solution? The
>last thing we need is the FCC finding that the rules they have now
>aren't doing the job.

Sorry Tom, I don't buy it.  Honestly, it sounds like a design engineer that 
is scared that the thought of the simple "green wire" mod getting to be 
public knowlege will get back to the FCC, and they will make you change it, 
or you will face retribution because of making a modification to operate on 
11 meters too easy.  When I first found out about the "green wire", I 
laughed, and my first thought was "This has to be done for CBers"....  
Wether that was your intention or not, the simplicity of it gives the 

As for the rules they have now not doing the job?  Your right, they don't.  
Why do you need an amp that can be driven with 35 watts to do legal limit?  
(a la dual 3CX800 amps)?  I can get any single final CB radio to do 20 or so 
watts cleanly, and the dual final radios would have no problem obtaining 
legal limit from one of these.  last time I checked, most amateur 
transcievers put out 100 watts PEP (I know, their are exceptions, but the 
big Jap ones most all do)...  Seems to me the only reason for the lower 
drive level (by design) is to get MORE than legal limit with full (or higher 
than recommended) drive.  The AL1500 says it can do 2200+ with the 100 watts 
my TS440 puts out.  Why even advertise that?  Because it is a selling 
feature..  To the amateur who cares about quality, it means the amp is 
overbuilt (that could be argued both ways), and to the one looking to 
operate illegally, QRO, it means they can buy a AL1500 (or most any other 
8877 amp, for that matter..  I really am NOT trying to pick on Ameritron 
amps.) and get half a S unit greater signal than the guy next door running 
the 3CX1200 with 100 watts more drive.

>Or do you all think the fellow in Texas is just trolling for a fight or
>enjoys insults, and it isn't really a problem?

Sorry Tom, I tell it like it is.  Up until this point, the reflector hasn't 
had the outlook from the 11 meter crowd  (be that good or bad).  From the 
day I saw the Ameritron amps, I have always thought that your "budget line" 
was destined to be in the hands of CBers.  (especially with the "green 
wire")  6LQ6 tubes, 811As...  The price is right, and they will be used.

However, look at the flip side..  Take the "bargain basement" prices and 
models away, and ALL the CBers are going to be running the crap DaveMades 
and other no biased or Class C junk, and tearing up 10 meters worse than the 
freebanders running the FT1000s and 8877 amps are today.

Toll Free

73, Tom W8JI

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