[AMPS] CBers and POWER

Peter Sundberg sm2cew@telia.com
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 16:35:51 +0200

And there was fire....

Interesting debate fellows. 

Some want to jail CB'ers (I mean really....come on..!!), some think CB'ers
are better than us.  Fortunately most people, like myself, are just
interested in cleaning up OUR bands from people with poor quality signals
and behaviour and stations operating illegaly on our frequencies.

I agree with Mauri, the south east asia problem is much worse than any of
the CB problems in the US. Over there they have invaded the ham bands and
it is not the power they are running that is the problem but the shere fact
that they are taking over our frequencies. Here we need to stand united and
earn respect as a group !

The problem is just that we are loosing respect these days. Just by
listening to 14313.0 it is clear that a big bunch of US ham operators have
made more harm to international amateur radio than any of the CB'ers
running excessive power. Fortunately we in Europe can not hear what is
going on on 75 mtrs but 14313.0 is enough. Many hams world wide have asked
the question how this can go on and on for years and years. I have no
answer but it must have something to do with the freedom of speech or..? 

If we are to earn respect we need to put pressure on morons within our own
community first before we even spend time on addressing the POWER issue on
11 mtrs. 

But don't get me wrong, the illegal FREQUENCY issue is another matter, this
is every radio amateurs concern.

73/Peter SM2CEW

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