[AMPS] High power on CB DE K0FF

Wed, 30 Aug 2000 12:24:27 -0500

Hello fellas,
What are we talking about when we say "high power" mobile? To a ham, 500
Watts from a Ten-Tec or MFJ  or SGC would be about as big as the vehicle
battery/charging system would handle.
Please looks at the AMPLIFIER LINKS on:

and learn about manufacturers turning out amps up to 4 kW regularly, and
MUCH bigger if the pocket book allows. How about a solid state amp with 96
transistors? Unbelievable. I never even heard of a HAM using a 3CX3000 or 3
x 2-500's in a mobile. Do any HAMS have EIGHT 250 Amp LeeceNeville's under
the hood? Imagine what they have at home. A pair of 4CX10,000's? Why not.
Where is Riley at when these people can advertise this stuff so openly?

Money is no object anymore to these guy's. Even a high school dropout
working on the assembly line and who's wife also works, can knock down 90
grand a year these days.  A single truck driver makes well over 40K.


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