Henry Fil ERe: [AMPS] AL-1200

Lane Zeitler Ku7i@worldnet.att.net
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 17:00:46 -0700

> Henry sells two models of 3-500Z amplifiers that apply 5.9v to the
> filaments.  The last Henry amplifier that I worked on had 5.8v on the
> filament of 5v-rated tube.
> later, Phil.
> -  Rich..., 805.386.3734, www.vcnet.com/measures.
> end

I do not know about the later Henry amps but I have replaced filament/plate
xmfrs in six Henry amps to date (all 1KD-5s) and the four that had the
filament winding still intact were running between 5.7 to 5.95 volts on the
filament. All of these were using the incredibly failure prone ECA xmfrs. I
do not know if ECA is still the supplier for the newer breed of Henry amps
but it seems that Henry has finally found a solid xmfr. No reports of any of
the newer amps losing the primary power xmfrs. Also, the 1KD-5 and 2KD-5 are
very hard to get into. GREAT shielding but takes a while to get the sucker

San Diego aka North TJ

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