[AMPS] Blown TL922A... What to do?

measures 2@vc.net
Thu, 7 Sep 2000 09:32:15 -0700

>> Its sounds like you have found the an answer to what I thought was a
>> imaginary problem if what you say is true and I dont doubt that it is then
>I really didn't "find" anything. Anyone who works with high power 
>PA's and understands them already knows everything I said. 
>> I would hope these improvements would be on the very next  series of
>> Ameritron  amps, the word would soon spread about the improvements. Market
>> share would no doubt increase and Rich's customer base would dwindle. A
>> simple kit could be devised for the adventurous ham or factory up grades
>> could be done for minimal cost  or free ala Ruger Arms. the debate would
>> be moot and of no  interest .
>I'd wager any improvement would be publicized by a certain 
>individual as a "step backwards" because it isn't the 1930's 
>technology he promotes.  
Are year-2000 electrons different than 1935 electrons?

>> about the cause of these problems. Then the debates could focus on the
>> best  designs to build homebrew amps and not repair and redesign store
>> bought equipment   that shouldn't even need the covers off for several
>> years. This is not meant to be an indictment of  Ameritron only   a review
>> of the archives leaves no manufacture untouched the kenwood 922 as a
>The reason the "debate" rages on is because some people make it 
>a religious issue, ,,, 

  now there's a new one. 

>... rather than good science. You won't see many 
>engineers arguing basics, because they all know how to measure 
>things and apply circuit theory correctly.
>The long drawn-out arguments occur when one person "knows" he 
>is the only one who has all the answers, and his answers are the 
>only correct answers because everyone else is part of a giant cover 
>The evidence now is Firestone, which somehow proves parasitics 
>do the damage Measures claims. He has the only cure, of course, 
>if you send him money.
>Everyone, from Kenwood to ETO to Ameritron....is stupid. 

ETO's 8877 amplifier had a VHF suppressor.  Ameritron's 8877 amplifier 
has no VHF suppressor.    Which manufacturer is stupid?

>The only 
>person who really understands what he is doing is the guy who sits 
>at home....and who has never designed a commercially 
>manufactured HFPA in his life for anyone.
>73, Tom W8JI
Mr. Rauch -- who designed the original AL-80 when Dennis Had owned 


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