[AMPS] Blown TL922A... What to do?

Tom Rauch W8JI@contesting.com
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 10:23:05 -0400

Subject:        	RE: [AMPS] Blown TL922A... What to do?
Date sent:      	Fri, 8 Sep 2000 06:47:56 -0700
From:           	measures <2@vc.net>
To:             	"amps" <amps@contesting.com>

> There is undoubtedly no way to build a VHF suppressor that does not have
> considerable loss at 29MHz.  The hat trick is finding a resistor with c.
> 10nH that can dissipate what's needed.  
> cheers, Peter
> -  Rich..., 805.386.3734, www.vcnet.com/measures.  

There certainly is a way. The "theory" that the suppressor has to 
get hot at 29 MHz to have considerable ESR at 100MHz is not 

I'll wager money I can build a suppressor that has almost no 29 
MHz dissipation, but looks like a pure resistance at 100 MHz.

Care to bet?

73, Tom W8JI

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