[AMPS] Logic v. Magic

measures 2@vc.net
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 13:01:32 -0700

>If an amplifier runs without problems for a period of years it would seem 
>logical to believe the original design is satisfactory, and also logical 
>to believe that future problems are related to deterioration of components.  
>This is a generalization for which there are exceptions.  But, it should 
>be safe to say that in most cases this statement would be more probably 
>correct than not.  
>Upon acceptance of this statement, it seems illogical to redesign numerous 
>amplifiers based upon their failure decades after they were put in service. 
>As an amateur scientist, I would rather work through and understand a 
>specific problem than apply a generic parasitic suppressor kit that cures 
>all problems.  
>Because suppressors are designed to suppress something we cannot see or 
>hear, they are given magical qualities.  And, if they have special 
>qualities that guarantee they will work under all conditions and for all 
>amplifiers, they have even more magical qualities.  Such a suppressor will 
>be the magical shield that protects from all sorts of adversaries.  It 
>will improve the amplifier so that it is better than original.  
>A number of years ago, I had a Heath SB-220 that exhibited fireworks.  I 
>installed nichrome parasitic suppressors and installed the other things 
>recommended by Rich's original Ham Radio articles.  It still had 
>fireworks.  His magic did not give me the magical shield I wanted.  

On page 5 in the General Instructions, I talk about the importance of 
using enough L-supp to cause R-supp to get hot on 10m.  If R-supp changes 
to a lighter blue with brown spots on 10m, you have a winner.  Not enough 
L-supp increases VHF Q, which increases VHF gain.  It is possible to make 
an amplifier oscillate by using not enough L-supp.  
>I concluded that the magical shield did not work because I was not a 
>believer.  Simply stated, I was not worthy to have it work.  
Was your tithing cheque cashed by the bagwan.?

>Once I realized I had no magical protection, 

There is none.  An amplifier that does not have hot suppressors on 10m is 
at risk.  

later, Colin

-  Rich..., 805.386.3734, www.vcnet.com/measures.  

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