[AMPS] Logic v. Magic

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Wed, 13 Sep 2000 22:34:26 +0100

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Subject: Re: [AMPS] Logic v. Magic

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>>>>Subject: [AMPS] Logic v. Magic
>>>>>Until I got down and crunched the numbers, I hadn't fully realised that
>>>>>the value of the suppressor Q is literally *useless*.
>>>>I came to that conclusion.
>>>Suppressor Q is directly related to Rp in Wes' measurements.
>>I think the relationship is well rooted in physics, but Q is a function of
>>as well as R.
>>>Rp is undoubtedly related to VHF stage gain.
>>I think it's Rs that really counts,
>Rs and Rp are mathematically related.  If you have one, the other can be
>derived.  Wes measured Rp, the parallel equivalent of the series circuit
>that the suppressor introduces into the anode-resonant circuit.  (for a
>discussion of Rp and Rs, see "Calculating Dissipation in Parasitic
>Suppressor Resistors", March, 1989, *QST*).
>>but the point is that it's the R that
>>matters. The Q in the *suppressor* isn't important. The Q in the *system*
>The anode's VHF-resonant depends on the suppressor for Q reducing total
>Q.  It seems to me that system Q involves the tank.  The VHF anode
>resonance has nothing to do with the tank.
I meant system Q to refer to the resonant circuit in question, rather than
the suppressor alone. In this case, the tube anode, suppressor, tune C and
interconnections. Do you mean something different?


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