[AMPS] did someone say Tesla?

Bill Turner w7ti@jps.net
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 18:33:31 -0700

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000 19:08:20 -0600, John T. M. Lyles wrote:

>A recent failure of the 500 kW Sri Lanka VOA transmitter which 
>burned > a million dollar facility, has been speculated by some 
>within that organization to be due to "Tesla Coil" effects in the 
>inductor coming from the modulator/PWM filter. Otherwise the amount 
>of voltage and current which did the damage is hard to imagine from 
>the normal operating parameters.

Another good argument for VOA and all the rest giving up shortwave and
going to direct broadcast from satellites.  I'd trade 'em the 1296
band for a clear 40 meters, wouldn't you?

73, Bill W7TI

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