[AMPS] wanted SB 220 bandswitch

D.Anderson dla@theriver.com
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 16:15:49 -0700

In my case the switch was damaged by accidently rotating it while diping the
plate.  Wrong knob...

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>>If a spare is floating around, please contact me, I need one.
>>Ian ZS6BTE
>Km1H, Carl Heuther is a source of SB-220 bandswitches.  His e-mail adr is
>km1h@juno.com.  If the contacts on your orig. bandswitch vapourized, it
>might be a good idea to decrease VHF gain before you *fire* the amp. up
>with a new bandswitch.  //  Save the old bandswitch as a source of fixed
>contacts.  Drill the rivets.  Use #0-80 brass hardware to fasten the
>replaced contact.  Silver-solder after the nut is snug.
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