[AMPS] Kaput 8877 #2

measures 2@vc.net
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 09:54:43 -0700

>Rich said:
>> I have located another kaput 8877 from an AL-1500 amplifier.  The kaput
>> tube is currentl;y at a European contest station.  With luck, it should
>> arrive in a few weeks.   I will test the tube and publish the results
>> here.
>Rich, if the person conducting the autopsy already believes he knows the
>cause of death, he will simply use the autopsy to prove or confirm his

Some men tell the truth and some do not.    

> I cannot give much credence to an autopsy performed by the very
>person who is trying to prove his theory of death.
Only about half of the kaput 8877s that I have autopsied had 
gold-sputtering.  I have made no predictions about #2.  [note -- #2 is 
reportedly being shipped today]  //  Mr. Rauch is apparently betting on 
finding gold-sputtering in kaput 8877 #2.  

>A perfect example is the autopsy of JFK.  ....
An ER doctor in Dallas took photos of the entry and exit holes for the 
Two bullets.  He was treatened by the FBI with having his career ruined 
if he ever published the photos.  The doctor eventually published the 
photos when he retired from medical practice roughly 30 years hence.  In 
my opinion, the assassination of JFK had a lot to do with the romance 
between Clyde "Clydie" Tolson and J. Edgar "Mary" Hoover.  .  Mort Saul 
is right.  The Warren Report is bull.  


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