[AMPS] Siemens Power Tubes

John T. M. Lyles jtml@lanl.gov
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 12:21:24 -0600

Siemens grid tubes was acquired by the French Thomson company on July 
3. The Berlin production line is moving to Thonon, France, not far 
from Geneva.

The RS1026 triode didn't exist in my 1987 databook, but I found it in 
a 1970 German language databook from Siemens. Also in a 1981 English 
language databook from the same.

It is in the power generator section, for industrial applications:

Filament = 5 Volt @ 14.1 Amperes


Transconductance = 5 mA/V @ 3 kV, 0.09 Amperes Ip

Ckg = 6.3 pf, Ckp=0.16 pf, Cgp=5 pf

Output power 1.06 kW < 50 MHz, 670 W < 100 MHz

Ep dc = 2700-3800

Ik max =  3A

Ig max = 75 mA

Pd = 350 W

Pg = 40 W

This tube appears identical to the Philips TB3/750 if you can locate 
that datasheet. In that tube data, there is an application for using 
a pair of them in class C for FM telephony at 100 MHz, and also a 
class B AF modulator.

Also the obsolete Amperex 5867A might be a similar tube, if you can 
find that data.

While the filament power is identical to the 3-400Z/8163 by 
CPI/Eimac, the capacitances are slightly different and it is NOT a 
zero bias triode like the 3-400Z. It will conduct about an Ampere of 
Ip at 3 kV dc with zero bias on the grid, which will also toast the 
tube quickly.

It could be a nice power oscillator, but I would use the 3-500Z for 
an amplifier for SSB if you must use a glass tube.


At 11:51 PM -0400 9/25/00, owner-amps-digest@contesting.com (RF 
Amplifier Discussion Dige wrote:
>Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 09:07:23 -0700
>From: Mike Baker <k7dd@earthlink.net>
>Subject: [AMPS] Siemens RS 1026 What is it??
>Hello Gang,
>     Just picked up a tube that I can't seem to find any info on.  It is
>a Siemens RS 1026.  It has a glass bulb that resembles a 3-400Z or
>3-500Z and uses the same socket.  I am told that this is a medium mu
>triode but little else was passed on.  Can anyone of you come up with
>some specs and perhaps some graphs so I could decide weather or not to
>use this for an amp or not?  If its medium mu then GG is most likely out
>but grid driven is still applicable and if it has ratings that are near
>the 3-500Z specs then it could be put into a single tube desk amp at say
>750W output and serve some useful purpose.  Otherwise it becomes a paper
>     BTW, I checked Svetlana's web page, a page in Russia that lists many
>of their tubes, Eimacs Page and Richardson Electronics page and came up
>dry so if any of you know another source that will work, please let me
>     Thanks for you help in advance.
>     Mike Baker  K7DD
>     k7dd@earthlink.net
>     Peoria, AZ.
>     Where it gets so hot, I saw a tree chasing a dog!

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