[AMPS] Another Stupid Question

PAUL HEWITT wd7s@att.net
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 06:40:05 -0600

> At the higher frequencies, (more
> significantly), doesn't the blocking
> form the top half of a tapped C
> transformer with the
> tube's Cout making up the bottom

That would be true only if you broke the
"rule" that the blocking cap
reactance has to be small compared to
the plate impedance of the
tube. That would happen if the tube had
low reactance in parallel
with the output, which you provided in
your example.

All you need is a blocking cap that has
low reactance compared to
the operating anode impedance of the
73, Tom W8JI

Agreed.  I mistakenly used a value of
block XC = 1% in my example instead of
10% of RL at 29mhz is too large. 1% is
on the edge at 29mhz and too large at
50mhz as shown in my example.

Paul Hewitt

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