[AMPS] AL1500

Joe Subich, K4IK w8ik@subich.com
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 20:43:42 -0500


> I got the idea from a very special place :) The tube's Data Sheet that
> recommends a specific set of operational parameters for SSB AB Class. 
> The output is set at 1500W under these conditions. It somebody is doing 
> more than that it means that they do not respect the manufacturers 
> specifications.

Quite simply, you received the "FCC version" of the spec sheet!  The  
8877/3CX1500A7 and 3CX800A7 were first being sampled to the amateur 
amplifier manufacturers about the same time as the FCC was adopting new 
type acceptance rules to handle 27 MHz problem and excess power problem. 
In order to avoid redesigning amplifiers (and/or create new tubes) Eimac 
produced new specifications for the tubes which met the type acceptance 
rules for maximum/minimum gain and power output. 

The 8877 will easily produce 2500 watts output at 100 MHz in class C 
service (I also ran an FM transmitter with one at my first station out 
of college).  With proper plate voltage and bias, at 30 MHz the 8877 
in class AB2 should easily produce much more than the "amateur" specs! 


   ... Joe, K4IK 

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