[AMPS] AL1500

Ian White, G3SEK Ian White, G3SEK" <g3sek@ifwtech.com
Wed, 5 Dec 2001 12:41:02 +0000

2 wrote:
>Whenever the anode potential is not substantially more positive {more 
>attractive} than the grid, most of the cathode current will go to the 
>grid.  Thus, the transistor that that is used to stop the flow of 
>grid-I during a parasite should have a substantial current rating. 
>However, the transistor the designer typically selects has a 1 - 2 
>ampere rating. Thus, when the wolf comes to the door with 40 or so 
>amperes, the transistor shorts and does not interrupt the flow of grid 
>current in time.

We're still waiting for a specific reference to the circuit that has 
this design flaw.

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