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Wed, 5 Dec 2001 05:19:10 -0800

>Rich said:
>>There may be yet another manufacturing defect since, 
>Quite possibly. It's not an easy thing to trace, is it? 

//  Removing the 8877's anode cooler is not all that difficult, and it's 
not nearly as stinky as doing a human autopsy.  Spotting the cause of 
death takes maybe 20-seconds when my 30x magnifier isn't playing hide and 

>The best bet is if you
>ship the amplifier, complete with tube, having done a 'burn in' run for say 
>hours. The cost of such a burn in (provision of burn in racks, monitoring,
>drivers, loads and so on - even electricity) makes this a bit on the 
>expensive side for amateur equipment.
>If for any reason you don't test the amplifier with the tube, you've even more
>problems in really deciding if it's a bad amp or a bad tube when the problems
>start appearing out there in the field, and you need a fair number of bad 
>of a certain date code(s) to show up before you know whether or not there's
>really a problem.
// The last two 8877s I autopsied seeningly had the aforementioned Eimac 
mfg defect --  and the requisite date codes.  Neither had any 
gold-meltballs stuck to the cathode.
cheers, Peter

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