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Thu, 6 Dec 2001 20:31:46 -0800

>It's _NOT_ a parallel resonance in the sense that you have a capacitive
>value in parallel with an inductive value.
In a 2-component, parallel circuit, the components are in series with 
each other and they are in series with the L of the conductors used to 
connect them.

>You have two non-equal lumped values in parallel.
I see the two, equal values of C and two equal values of L -  in the two 
Cu straps. 

>Whip out Thenevin's theorem to solve this one -- in this particular dynamic
>example, the two lumped values are not equal.  Together, they provide a
>lumped value that is equal to neither individual value, and is not
>necessarily proportional to one or the other because of the complex
>interactions between the two doorknob caps and the components on each end.
>Hell, even a Second Class Boy Scout could figure THAT one out.
>Now -- could you see parasitic effects within an octave of the operating
>frequency of the two-doorknob network?
The blocking caps' VHF-resonance is in the VHF-resonant anode circuit.  

>Apparently, somebody can in their application.
>Theory is great and models are great, but the rubber meets the road when
>you hook these things up.  Empirical results need to be given significant
>consideration, especially when things start blowing up.
>Jim N6OTQ
>And because of some things that have gone past on my monitor recently AND
>in years past, I do have to remind everybody -- the fundamental basis for
>this discussion is "when things start blowing up."
>>>\  This does not appear to be the result when one experimentally
>>>parallels two, equal value doorknob caps with straps and checks for
>>>resonance with a dipmeter.
>>If anyone other than Rich feels that I have not explained clearly enough
>>in pervious postings why this is *not* a parallel resonance, I will try

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