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Radio WC6W wc6w@juno.com
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 08:06:56 -0800

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001 19:26:43 -0600 "Phil Clements" <philk5pc@tyler.net>
> How did SSB and envelope restored class D get into this thread?
> The man was asking about AM and FM.
> (((73)))
> Phil, K5PC

Hi Phil,
   I didn't mention sideband.  

   ER Class D will work fine for AM... or SSB (there, now I said it).  
FM, or CW, are happy in plain ol' Class D.  

   And since the original question was an "or",  I could add that for FM
you could run in plain old Class C which should be good for about 3500 W
out.    And, for whimsy, one could add 3rd Harmonic Enhancement and push
that up a few hundred watts whilst making the tube run correspondingly

73 & Good morning,
  Marv  WC6W

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