[AMPS] old linears.

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Tue, 11 Dec 2001 11:40:16 -0800

>I am trying to drive a drake L4B with a ts50s. Works ok most of the time
>but  the TS-50s will shut down now and then, I guess since it sees a non
>50 ohm input, especially on 80 meters..Is there any magic length of
>coax/and / or/ type of coax to use between the two units so the ts-50s
>will see 50 ohms? I cant always use an antenna tuner between the two
>units. I remember the instructions   of the collins 30L1 recommended 22
>feet of RG 58 between it and its driver.

//   The slam-dunk fix is to increase the Q of each Pi tuned input to 2 - 
3, [XC-in =17 - 25, adjust L and C-out for the best match, then replace 
with equivalent fixed values.  

cheers, Dick

-  R. L. Measures, 805.386.3734,AG6K, www.vcnet.com/measures.  

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