[AMPS] HV Pole Pig Transformers

jstrohm@texas.net jstrohm@texas.net
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 13:41:58 -0500

Bill Smith ko4nrbs@yahoo.com said

>I've been offered one of these at a very low cost. 
>I'd like to hear from guys that have used these type
>of transformers to build HV Power Supplies for their
>amps.  Any tips or precautions?
1.  Don't drop it on your foot.
2.  Don't touch the HV electrodes when it's plugged in.
3.  Don't --  oh, sorry, I thought I was writing text for an end-user manual.

If it's still in the can and full of oil, you might want to have the oil tested for PCBs.  If it's a new enough pole pig it will say "Contains No PCBs" on the side of the can.  If it's an old one and you can easily open the can, sniff it-- a minty odor is usually an indicator of PCBs and you might want to pass on this one.

Current capacity is much higher if it's in the can, but it might not be in the voltage range you need.  Rewinding is straightforward, though tedious, and requires disassembly and cleaning (hence the reason to decline a PCB-laden pig).

A note about PCBs -- unless you eat the stuff or inhale the fumes from a PCB fire or aerosol-ized fumes from an explosion, they are not the horrible nasty stuff we've been brainwashed into believing.  As with ALL oils, reasonable precautions should be taken -- don't get the stuff in your eyes or mouth, wash your hands if you get any on you, and shower if you get a large amount on your clothes.  And clean up spills immediately -- the biggest danger from PCB oil remains the risk of stepping in a puddle of it and falling.  The second biggest danger -- breathing fumes or smoke from it.  And you don't do that with the motor oil from your car, do you?

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