[AMPS] Pole Pigs

Denis Coolican dcoolica@planet.eon.net
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 16:36:29 -0600

I use a couple of pole pigs and I like them.  The ones I have are 2400 volts

to 240 so they work nice for a supply of 3300 Volts DC out of a full wave
bridge, or 6200 volts with a voltage doubler.  The 6200 volts works well for

the 41000 A's and the 3300 volts work good for the 3-500Z's or 8877's.  I
have one that powers two 2KW amps at the same time..

These transformers have low secondary resistance which results in a change
of DC voltage of 3 % when going from no load to full load.

Mine are out of the container and are mounted in a 19 inch cabinet that is
12 inches high. They weight in a 100 pounds so that is a bit more than one
12 or 24 pack!

It is difficult to find the 240 to 2400 units as they are old. I am
wondering if you could use a 120 volt supply on the 240/4400 unit or put a
240/120 10 amp buck transformer in series with the primary when running at
240 volts..  That would give you 2200 volts AC or about 3000 volts DC.

Denis VE6AQ

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