[AMPS] M/A Com fets ++

Jim Strohm jstrohm@texas.net
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 17:57:43 -0600

>Right. However I just wonder. How come Varian was so "naive" to sign such an
>agreement? I can not explain this to myself under any circumstance!

Well, recently Varian has come under fire for what I'd call "unorthodox" HR
practices.  The defendants lost their case against Varian last week.

Alex, you might take note -- one of the issues in the case involved online
harassment, and while the echoes of the case will continue for years, it
sets a chilling precedent for any of us to criticize others online,
regardless of reason or justification.

Obligatory amp content:  ham radio featured an article about monoband amps
that used the chassis for the ground side of the tune and load caps in a pi
network, and a plate of aluminum or PCB insulated from the chassis unisn
teflon sheet as the "hot" side.

Combining this idea with the old ARRL projects of monoband rack-mount RF
decks, consider how small you could build a set of monoband amps with the
sheet capacitor, made to be slightly adjustable, in parallel with an
appropriately sized fixed capacitor.

Rich, your call -- would it be reasonable to bypass the plate supply at a
chassis wall, and hang the plate choke externally?  I might have to draw a
picture of the silly arrangement I'm thinking of...with 4CX250s and their
cousins still plentiful and cheap, this might be a fun project to write up
for charity -- I mean, QST.

I think I could fit 5 bands in a single 6U 19" rack.  Anybody got a 5-pole
air relay?   ;)


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