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Fri, 21 Dec 2001 21:31:24 -0800

>>Right. However I just wonder. How come Varian was so "naive" to sign such an
>>agreement? I can not explain this to myself under any circumstance!
>Well, recently Varian has come under fire for what I'd call "unorthodox" HR
>practices.  The defendants lost their case against Varian last week.
>Alex, you might take note -- one of the issues in the case involved online
>harassment, and while the echoes of the case will continue for years, it
>sets a chilling precedent for any of us to criticize others online,
>regardless of reason or justification.
>Obligatory amp content:  ham radio featured an article about monoband amps
>that used the chassis for the ground side of the tune and load caps in a pi
>network, and a plate of aluminum or PCB insulated from the chassis unisn
>teflon sheet as the "hot" side.
>Combining this idea with the old ARRL projects of monoband rack-mount RF
>decks, consider how small you could build a set of monoband amps with the
>sheet capacitor, made to be slightly adjustable, in parallel with an
>appropriately sized fixed capacitor.
>Rich, your call -- would it be reasonable to bypass the plate supply at a
>chassis wall, and hang the plate choke externally? 

//  no

> I might have to draw a
>picture of the silly arrangement I'm thinking of...with 4CX250s and their
>cousins still plentiful and cheap, this might be a fun project to write up
>for charity -- I mean, QST.
//  guffaw

cheers, Jim

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