[AMPS] HV Pole Pigs ++

Jim Bryant kc5vdj@yahoo.com
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 19:45:16 -0600

Jim Strohm wrote:

> kc5vdj@yahoo.com said
>>No offense, but we destroyed one of their planes, and killed their pilot.


> But you are right -- we would NEVER give back an aircraft from an
> unfriendly government.  We never have.  And we managed to get our hands on
> quite a few Soviet MiGs of various flavors.  Stripped 'em down to the
> rivets, we did.
> Juse because we did it doesn't make it right.  Doesn't make it right that
> the Chinese did it too.

C'mon Jim..  Someone I talked to the other day was saying concerning Enron: "Just because we stuck a microscope up Clinton's 
posterior, and even made most of it up, doesn't mean you should impeach a President over $60 billion dollars netting nearly ten 
million in campaign contributions, cabinet posts, a dictated energy policy, and the extortion of California"...

What comes around goes around.  Like I said, I don't trust anything coming from the Enron Administration.

I don't think you can argue against the fact that the pilots of the spy plane are traitors for giving the plane to the Chinese 
instead of performing their duty as soldiers, even if that duty requires them to sacrifice their lives rather than give such preemo 
intelligence to a potential advesary.  Bush is a traitor for decorating them.

Anyhow, I initially said that the topic wasn't germane to the amps list, and I think the mods would probably agree, and as such 
should have never been brought up.  Let's leave it where it lies.  I am only Cc'ing the list because of the fact that the list was 
Cc'ed by you.


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