[AMPS] Additional Tube Brand Question

Jeff Wolf da_kang@hotmail.com
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 17:20:12

>I found an easy fix for that.  Use #12 wire (what I had on hand) to >run a 
>string of zeners perfboard mounted to the fan entrance to the >SB220.  A 
>simple angle bracket attached the zeners to the stock fan >mounting holes, 
>and I need not worry about thermal runaway or problems >with overheating 
>and destroying the diodes.

Sorry, had other things in mind.

Replace "zeners" in the above statement with "diodes".

I use the Rich Measures method of tapping ordinary silicon diodes, but took 
into acct. the temperature drift and mounted them quasi forced air cooled at 
the back of the SB220.

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