[AMPS] SB-220: Operate/Standby Switch

measures 2@vc.net
Fri, 9 Feb 2001 12:12:09 -0800

>Peter says:
>> A $6 rheostat has to be ordered by purchasing. It has to be unpacked
>> and placed in stores. It has to be issued to the line and installed.
>> It has to be adjusted, and there has suitable paperwork prepared to
>> give test instructions/method. The invoice has to be reconciled with
>> the delivery note, and the cheque and remittance advice raised. Even
>> with maximum computersiation, that lot costs in time, and it adds up.
>Then you have to add in cost of additional failures and problems 
>caused by adding that rheostat, compared to what it might 
>possibly help. And don't forget the internal metering (since you 
>could NEVER depend on a random external meter). 
Modern DMMs are fairly accurate.  

>All this worry, planning, and expense to correct a non-problem is 
Can anyone name the Henry Radio 3-500z amplifier that runs 6v on the 

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