[AMPS] runaway amp.

Ian White, G3SEK Ian White, G3SEK" <g3sek@ifwtech.com
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 00:28:24 +0000

Pete Smith wrote:
>At 11:22 AM 2/22/01 -0800, dan hearn wrote:
>>Another thought: The problem seems to be heat related. Create a source
>>of hot air which can be directed on various components while the amp is
>>creating dots from your keyer into a dummy load. 
>An easier alternative might be to provoke the amp into the beginning of the
>runaway process and then use one of the available cooling spray can
>products to cool components till you find the one that reverses the runaway.

W0YR will be off the list for a few weeks, so maybe we have to leave it
until he can make some more tests.

The real puzzle is that the RF output drifts UPwards, which is quite

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