[AMPS] FS: Eimac and other large tubes

Radio WC6W wc6w@juno.com
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 17:33:29 -0700

These are all used...

Eimac  100T -- Filament open, for looks only -- $5

Eimac 100TH -- Fil OK, hipot checked @15KV -- $15

Heintz&Kaufmann Gammatron JAN250TH/VT220  --  Fil OK, hipot checked @15KV
-- $50 pair

Eimac 300T -- Fil OK, hipot checked @15KV -- $50

Eimac 450TH -- These are the pulls and spares from what was a working
 power amp. in a friend's estate. Fil OK, hipot checked @15KV -- $100 ea

RCA UV851 -- Filament lights up OK.  This one is kind of for looks only
as I can't imagine anyone using it for anything (except maybe a lamp...)
in this millennium.   It is 18" overall by about 6" diameter at the
widest.  -- $100

 Johnson 211 / Birnbach 434 "50 watt" sockets fit 250TH/300T/450TL/TH
etc. used $40 pair.

All of the above plus shipping, if necessary, naturally.

Contact:  Marv  WC6W   310 649 3111 (reasonable hours Pacific Time
or via return e-mail


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