[AMPS] Voltage Doublers...thanks for the info.

Glenn McNeil vk4tzl@bigpond.com
Thu, 17 May 2001 12:45:47 +1000

To Rich, Dick, Steve and Ian...and any others I may have missed...

Thanks for all your input. Certainly there is more to FWD than I thought about.

Further delving into the transformers background at this end has come up with the following :

Primary Resistance is 1.4 ohms
Secondary Resistance is 12 ohms
I intend to use 5 x 190uf 400v caps in each leg with 1N5408 diodes.
I'm only trying to run a single 4CX250R
After sifting through lots of paper, I have discovered that the no load secondary voltage is 830 vac, up from my 
approximate guess of 750 vac.
The transformer will only be supplying EHT...no other voltages.

I think Steve suggested a lash up first....my metalwork at this stage will allow this.

I have a copy of a Yaesu power supply in one of their linears...not sure which one, as I only have the relevant bit 
after the transformer, which is very similar to what I have...850v with 100uf 500v caps....albeit I dont know what the 
transformer specs are.

Anyway, now how to figure out how to load the lash up to see what I achieve.



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