[AMPS] Tuned Input Circuit Q

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Fri, 5 Oct 2001 23:54:45 -0700

>Tom Rauch wrote:
>> Because of this, all input circuits should be a low pass C-L-C pi
>> network or a parallel tuned network, and not any form of  "T" or an
>> L-C-L high-pass pi network.
> Tom or others,
>Could you please clarify the last of this statement "and not any form 
>of  "T" or an  L-C-L high-pass pi network.
>In Bob Sutherland's W6Po 3cx1500 8877 144 and 220 mhz amplifiers 
>( http://web.wt.net/~w5un/8877-1.htm ) plus if I remember his call 
>correctly W6ODV's 8877 50 mhz in Hamradio. And all of the 3cx800
>3cx1500 Amplifiers in the ARRL hand book ALL use an L-C-L "T" input
>Don't want to start a argument just looking for information.
//  The statement that  "or a parallel tuned network"  should be 
questioned.  A parallel tuned input will work ok only when the Q 
requirement is met and the average cathode-Z is close to 50-ohms.  

cheers, Art

-  R. L. Measures, 805.386.3734, AG6K, www.vcnet.com/measures.  

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