[AMPS] Finding the Q of a Coil

Ian White, G3SEK Ian White, G3SEK" <g3sek@ifwtech.com
Sun, 7 Oct 2001 16:43:13 +0100

Phil (VA3UX) wrote:
>At 08:43 PM 10/6/2001 -0700, Bill Smith wrote:
>>Q of this coil should be the Inductive Reactance
>>divided by the internal resistance of the coil's wire
>>(factoring in the RF).  This is where I got bogged
>>down.  Couldn't come up with an appropiate number.
>>Where am I going wrong?
>Accurate calculation of RF resistance definitely is the tough part.  
>There is more than one set of formulas from different sources for 
>calculating this and the results don't agree. If I were forced to 
>choose, I'd probably stick with the formulae in Terman's books.   Steve 
>T. correctly outlined the general procedure.  I too will have a look at 
>the Murphy file that Ian suggested.
I should have mentioned, it's all based on info from Terman.

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