[AMPS] Tuned Input Circuit Q

Phil Clements philk5pc@tyler.net
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 12:06:08 -0500

> > Denny Had thought otherwise for years.
> > Eimac still honored their warranty, and the FCC
> > did not seem to care.
> None of that matters Phil, because none of that means anything.
You are taking me out of context, Tom.
I was replying to Rich's statement that Eimac recommends
a pi input network.  I was just pointing out that using a parallel
network (or none at all) will not void their warranty. Using  a
parallel network or none at all will not necessarily cause excess
IMD causing the FCC to not type accept a radio. ETO, Dentron,
and  others are proof that parallel input networks and even
some sort of a "T" network may not be optimum, but may be

You, Rich, and Eimac like pi networks. Creative Electronics,
RF Power Products, ETO-Alpha. myself, and others like
parallel or T networks. We all have sufficiently clean, and
type accepted products on the air daily. You are not going to
change me and I am not going to change you.

As with parasitic suppressors and other components in an
amp, there are CHOICES which all arrive at acceptable

Phil, K5PC

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