[AMPS] Tuned Input, what me worry

Peter Chadwick Peter.Chadwick@zarlink.com
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 08:04:14 +0100

Rich asked:

	>//  As I recall, the 5-band Collins 30L-1 recommended a certain length
	>input coax.  Does anyone have info on this? 

The 30S1 with the 4CX1000 certainly did, and I'm pretty sure the 30L1 did in its
amateur form, too. But the 30L1 was used for the whole HF range (mainly by the 
US military - who said COTS is a new idea?) and so I believe the principle was 
abandoned. The special length was to get the electrical length to a multiple 
of 180 degrees in each amateur band to minimise phase distortion effects from
varying input load that the gg linear represented.


Peter G3RZP

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