[AMPS] Re: 8k ultra/ "tuned input"

Doug Hall doug@nc.rr.com
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 11:03:56 -0400

Rich wrote:

> -  Back in the days when Henry Radio did not build a 160m amplifier, a
> friend dropped by the Henry Radio booth at a ham convention.  He asked a
> Henry engineer why they did not build a 3-500Z 160m amplifier.  The Henry
> engineer said that they tried it, but they discovered that 3-500Zs have a
> cutoff frequency that's above 2MHz, so they don't work efficiently on the
> 160m band.  (sic)

What was the name of the engineer who made this statement? Was he actually
an engineer or just a sales guy doing booth duty?

Doug, K4DSP

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