[AMPS] FS: Vacuum Caps & Other Vacuum things

Radio WC6W wc6w@juno.com
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 13:36:50 -0700

****** VACUUM CAPACITORS & other Vacuum things ***********

Jennings Vacuum Variables -- all used (or at least aged) 

UCS-300-15S	300pF	15KV	$200  with standard puller,
later manufacture (blue)    
UCSL-750	750pF	3KV	$125  with standard puller  
UCSL-1000	1000pF  3KV     $125  with standard puller

R1G  SPST 20KV 20Amp Vacuum Switch  $80

---Fixed vacuum caps--

Jennings VC-12	12pF	20KV	$20
Jennings        50pF	86KV	$86
Western Elec	100pF	5KV	$30  (This one hi-pot checked
@ 14KV)

--- Vacuum Relays --

 Old "T" style vacuum relays, the coil slips over one leg
 of the glass enclosed contact assembly -- One of the contacts has a
Penta Labs
 part number:  420 53 3875.    The coils are 28V.   $10 ea

Struthers Dunn Type 78CCA109 "Keying Relay" which consists of a vacuum 
relay mounted on top of a small (2"x3"x4") metal enclosure.  There is a
 15 pin Jones connector on the side of the box.  I believe that there are
 some auxiliary contacts in the box in addition to the vacuum relay.  
28VDC.  $15

Plus shipping, if necessary...

Contact:  Marv  WC6W   310 649 3111 (reasonable hours Pacific Time
or via return e-mail


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