[Amps] Muffin Fans and hot exhaust++

alex alex@mail.sandlabs.com
Sun, 21 Jul 2002 21:04:06 -0400

 Ohhh.... What an aberration! Blowers are made to work against a
specifically front and/or back pressure ... Change this and you are out of
air flow !

If you do not belive me and/or the best answer is:  call Mechatronics or any
other impeller/blower manufacturer and explain your problem... you'll get
the _right_ answer immediately :) Ask the people that deal with this on a
daily basis ... not an amateur :)


> Assuming you had fans that the could work together, airflow rate
> would increase much more if you added a second fan to force air into
> the existing blower rather than pulling air out after it goes through
> the restriction.
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