[Amps] Computer Grade Electrolytic Capacitors vs. Radial

Steve Thompson g8gsq@qsl.net
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 20:10:24 +0100

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From: Bill Smith <ko4nrbs@yahoo.com>
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Date: 04 September 2002 19:53
Subject: [Amps] Computer Grade Electrolytic Capacitors vs. Radial

>I was give 12 radial 450 vdc 220uf capacitors and was
>wondering if they were ok to use in a HV power supply.
> What would I gain if I spent the extra money for the
>computer grade?  Are the radial types ok even though
>they are much smaller?
I'd suggest using the Duncan PSU designer prog. to model your PSU and get a
figure for the rms (=heating) current in the caps. Then use a low voltage
transformer and variac to get that much current through the caps and see how
much they heat up.


PS There's an updated version of the prog as of yesterday changed so that
the prefix for kilo is now correctly lower case.