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Mon Feb 3 09:45:22 EST 2003

>  I still think that when it comes to amps, a little
>operator knowledge and the KISS principle in the basic
>design is the way to go. More fancy features, more fancy headaches.
Amen to that, Mark.  Keeping an autotune Collins 208U10 (8170) amplifier 
working is nearly a fulltime job.
>On Mon, 3 Feb 2003 11:20:58 EST MorgusMagnificen at aol.com writes:
>> I have been watching all of this buzz over the computer controlled 
>> amplifier 
>> which seems to be controlling its owner.
>> Seriously, though, having never been a commercial amp owner I am not 
>> well in 
>> touch what the market offers those of you who do buy amps. The 
>> impression I 
>> am getting about this situation is as follows. What am I missing?
>> First, out here, and actually in many places in this country, the 
>> line 
>> voltage regularly jumps around by 10-15% for short and medium terms. 
>> Are you 
>> telling me that after this company charges you several killobux for 
>> this 
>> deluxe design wonder, it is going to groan, go to sleep or even 
>> worse because 
>> the line voltage varies as we all KNOW it will? Would it be asking 
>> too much 
>> of them to include some friendly internal compensations for 10-20% 
>> variations. 
>> Also, I can offer the following additional observation with some 
>> authority. 
>> For about an additional $10 (approx.) they could provide a full 
>> alphanumeric 
>> message display, which could sit there and constantly roll the 
>> stored fault 
>> codes in what is called "billboard mode". Again, greed wins out.
>> Eric von Valtier K8LV
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