[Amps] AL-80A troubleshooting

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Mon Feb 3 16:28:18 EST 2003

>In a message dated 2/3/03 12:03:43 PM Central Standard Time, 2 at vc.net writes:
>> The burst of grid/cathode  current that accompanies a vhf parasite 
>> creates an EMF that can bend the hot (1820ºK) filament perpindicular to 
>> the flow of grid current. 
>Wouldn't this be describing some sort of a 'magnetic' event associated with 
>the current spike caused by the parasitic event?
Yes, electric current is accompanied by an EMF.

> I always thought that EMF was a description of force resulting from a 
>difference in potential; with watt-seconds or some similar descriptor used 
>to describe the actual discharge event.
EMF is proportional to electon flow.

> I believe other terms are used to refer to a magnetic pulse event, such as 

A pulse of current produces a pulse of EMF.  A nuclear explosion produces 
a large EMP.  
cheerz, Dennis O.

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