[Amps] Alpha Mania

Dick Green dick.green at valley.net
Mon Feb 3 20:11:02 EST 2003

In defense of the 87A, I should point out that mine has been a workhorse
since I bought it new in 1995. Yeah, it's had a problem or two, but all of
them understandable in a device this complex. While I agree that simple is
sometimes better, I'd say that the 87A's reliability and performance are
outstanding. I also own an Acom 2000A and would say the same about it,
although I had a couple of problems with it in the beginning as well. These
amps have generally performed flawlessly in a lot of contests and their
autotune capabilities have definitely translated into higher scores for me.
I've had plenty of simpler amps, and done my share of repair work on them
too, and wouldn't trade my 87A or 2000A for any of them.

73, Dick WC1M

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> After reading all the posts to this reflector about the 87A and talking to
> friends who have owned them, my old Alpha  78 has just appreciated in my
> eyes.  Not an idiot light or a fault message in sight.
> Bob

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