[Amps] Voodoo Magnetic Fields

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Some high-vacuum observations:
1) Getters do not function well at room temperature. They like to operate at
an elevated temperature.
2) Getters can not 'getter' inert gases such as helium, argon, and neon,
which are left behind when the initial air surge is sucked out of the tube.
Helium will permeate the glass/metal seals, thus adding to the 'inert' gas
load. Hydrogen will also permeate those seals and is probably what is
responsible for eventually depleting the getter material.

Dick K9FFK

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 **  The tubes John Lyles works with have an ion pump.  3-500Zs do not.
 Also, you have not yet explained cold gettering.   I have a 3-400Z that
 has exhibited c. 10uA of leakage @8kV for the last 7-years.  When should
 the gettering process be finished?
 >Well, they did promise me that the kinetic theory of gases would come in
 >handy one day. They just didn't tell me it would take 35 years...
 >73 from Ian G3SEK

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