[Amps] Converting Henry 2002A or 2004A to 222 MHz

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Tue Feb 18 00:04:10 EST 2003


If you find anyone with info on this conversion, I'd appreciate it if you'd 
pass it along.

I have a 2002A which I bought used many years ago that I'd like to convert 
to 222 MHz.  The Henry and RadioDan web sites both state that it can be 
ordered for any frequency from 100-300 MHz.  I contacted Radio Dan (W7RF) 
and asked if I could get any info, or better yet just buy the 222 MHz 
parts.  He got a half-assed answer from somebody at Henry that they "only 
sold a few for that band and did not have any info".  Really makes you want 
to trust them with $$$ for a new amp, eh?



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